Never Be Too Busy to Take Care of Yourself

women skin simpleThe following is a post from our sponsor, Simple.

I feel like I’ve been on auto-pilot most of my life as a mom. I’ve had things so meticulously scheduled that I could get a boy to his baseball practice and his sister to her tutor, in opposite directions, within minutes of each other. I’ve had a chicken breast baking in the oven while watching a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ceremony at school. I’ve juggled jobs and sports and homework and done it all while trying to be the best mother and wife I can be. I’ve done okay, I know I have, but along the way, I haven’t always taken as good care of myself as I should have.

My structured little life was full of way too much stress. I hate to admit that simply spinning around in circles or rushing from activity to activity would wreak havoc in my heart. That it would make my pulse pound faster than my spinning head and that maybe, just maybe, I should take a break.


But we’ve all been there. There’s no rest for the weary. And so we keep on going, sleeping too little, eating too much, exercising sporadically, and just hoping that we can stay one step ahead. 

Through the years I’ve gotten pampered here and there. A massage for Mother’s Day, a mani-pedi for a wedding, and even a weekend away with the girls. But what I neglected for way too long was the everyday pampering that I could do right at home.

One day I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger staring back at me. It was a haggard-looking woman with dull, lifeless skin that was begging for a little kindness.

That’s about when I discovered the Simple Sensitive Skin Expert products. I started using the Smoothing Facial Scrub and watched those dead skin cells exfoliate their way right off my face. I started taking deep breaths and getting more sleep, drinking more water, and walking more blocks. I pampered myself with Simple, both morning and night, and I’m not kidding, the shine came back to my skin.

I know there’s no such thing as a miracle when it comes to preventing the effects of aging. I know I can’t stop my wrinkles from forming and my hair from turning gray. But I also know that if you take time to take care of yourself and use products like Simple, that smile on your face is going to shine a whole lot brighter.  


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