Women 'Touch Themselves' in Instagram Selfies in the Name of Breast Cancer

woman in bra When it comes to raising awareness about the perniciousness of Breast Cancer, it can be hard to make a meaningful impact. A new campaign inspired by the late, great Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of The Davinyls. has managed to break through in a refreshing, new, and hopefully effective way.

The band is perhaps the most famous for their song, I Touch Myself. You know it, you've heard it, and if you're my age, you've frantically turned the radio station away from it when your mom got back in the car.

Chrissy herself died of breast cancer last year. Spreading the word about the importance of self-examinations was something she thought was crucial. Now, a year later, her legacy is making major change.


A hashtag using the song's title (#itouchmyself) has women all over the web posting selfies. But it's not what you'd expect. You don't see a gaggle of women making duck face for the camera while posing seductively. In fact, for the most part these photos normalize touching your own breasts.

It's the right approach. My mother's a breast cancer survivor, and so often these campaigns give me mixed feelings. They are either too serious, or too sexualized. When you talk about "saving tatas" or giggling about boobs, you're making them other, you're making them foreign entities, something dirty. They aren't. They are our bodies, and like our bodies they aren't always sexual.

We've shared just a couple of the images here, but there are plenty more out there. Who knows, maybe you feel inspired and want to share your own? I'm thinking I just might!

Do you think this is a tasteful way to raise awareness or a tacky one?


Image via Mari Barlow/moodboard/Corbis

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