11 Things Never to Say to a Gluten-Free Mom

breadSometimes the hardest thing about living life without gluten is finding tasty, nutritious alternatives. But you know what? Most celiacs and other gluten-sensitive people are finding more and better options every day. Now the hardest thing about living life without gluten is other people. Folks say the rudest, most ignorant things when they find out you're avoiding eating gluten. Honestly, why is this such a problem for them? Moms, has anyone ever said something like this to you?

1. A little bit won't hurt you. How the hell would you know?

2. There can't be THAT much wheat in that soy sauce. Do you really want me to test that theory of yours?

3. They said on the news that eating gluten-free isn't a good way to lose weight. For the 1000th time, I have a food allergy. I'm not trying to lose weight!

4. But what do your kids eat? Do they have to go gluten-free, too? My kids eat whatever they can find on the forest floor when I send them out on their own to forage for food, obviously. (Eye roll.) My kids can eat anything their little digestive systems can process.

5. Oh yeah, that's really popular these days. Right -- trust me, I'd eat the cake if I could.

6. Is gluten-free the new Atkins diet? No. Gluten-free is the new way for me to stay alive.

7. What happens if you eat gluten? Um, do you really want me to describe it?

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8. What!?! You can eat potatoes!? That's totally cheating. You don't really know what gluten is, do you?

9. Oh no, so you're one of those glu-tards. Yeah, way to nail two different insults with one portmanteau. You're classy.

10. Yeah, I tried going gluten free once and I didn't feel a thing. I think it's all a croc. No honey, not feeling a thing is the point. It's feeling something awful that I'm trying to avoid.

11. AFTER I was invited to dinner, promised that gluten-free wasn't a problem, and was about to take a bite: Oh, but there's just a spoonful of flour in there. It isn't a problem, is it? Not at all -- is it a problem if I spend the rest of the evening monopolizing your one bathroom?

What's the worst thing anyone has ever said to you about being a gluten-free mom?


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Todd Vrancic

Gluten is a food allergy.  My wife is allergic to tomatoes, and she has been told numerous times "You can just pick the tomatoes off."  Uh, no, she can't.  The juice is still in it.  The funny part is she can have processed tomatoes, just not fresh ones.

Einyn Einyn

Thank you!!

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

my mom was allergic to beef. She would always have some say the dumbest things like " oh its okay its ground beef." or "this should be fine is really tender." oh okay then you can pay for the hospital bill to champ. 

She could not digest it.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I LOVE this! THANK YOU! I am so tired of being asked if it's "that" big a deal, or that it's just a fad diet. No, I'm not dieting... I literally want to die if I eat gluten.


April Marie McIntyre

My children had a worker who was allergic to wheat. I used to make her brownies and such with rice flour. If these idiots really cared to invite you to dinner they should have used corn starch for thickener for one. using rice flour takes a bit of trial and error at first i used about one and a half cups of rice flour to one cup called for of wheat flour , and if you make pancakes with it and use some fresh coconut water and shred some fresh coconut in it is heavenly.


Lisa Thiessen Peck

I get, "I wouldn't do it, I couldn't live without pizza, bread, etc." Yes you would, if you feel like I do when you eat it! It isn't optional! I think that is the hardest part, trying to get people to understand that I eat this way by necessity, not because it is a fad.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

"Oh, that's horrible!" Directly to the child who told the person they can't have the free cookie.

Thanks, now they feel bad and they think it's horrible, even though they know mom works as hard as she can to make a decent alternate.

nonmember avatar Robin

Some people think its a fad because some people ARE using it as a fad diet trend. It gets annoying, especially for people in the service industry.

Also, big difference between the 1% of the population that truly are allergic and will die and the others who get the trots and whatnot.

Problem is, people dont specify/understand the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity... not the same, or what a true allergy is for that matter.

nonmember avatar Angela

Someone offered me cake. She said it's OK, you can have it. There isn't any flour in it. It's made from a box mix.

nonmember avatar GFCeliac

My mother never heard any comments like this....my mother never believed me as a child, who KNEW bread was making my sick, so were donuts, and pastries. I was about 5 or 6 years old in the 70's. What I heard from my mother was "Don't be silly, bread can't make you sick" I had been in and out of doctors and hospitals from a very young age.
I learned to trade my lunches(sandwiches) for fruit or anything but "bread products" in school. My mother found out and stopped making my school lunches from age 6 or 7. I grew up a a very hungry child and stole food so I wouldn't get sick from bread products.
I was diagnosed with Celiac in my late 20's... after wrong diagnosis all my life.

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