Male OB/GYN Charged With Snapping Nude Pics Triggers Our Worst Fears

OBGYNI know many, many women who choose to see female gynecologists exclusively. Heck, I used to be one! Until just a few months ago, I never thought I'd voluntarily see a man doctor for my girly bits, but then one came highly recommended, and I gotta say -- it wasn't really any more unpleasant than the female docs I'd previously been to. His bedside manner was great, and I think I'll keep him as my regular.

I may have made a different decision if I'd heard about this story before I booked my appointment. A gynecologist in Arkansas is being charged with video voyeurism for "allegedly [using] his cell phone to take nude photos of patients during office exams."

Aghhh! Is that every woman's worst nightmare at the gyno's or what?

The investigation started last month, after a woman complained that Dr. Paul Becton Jr. "produced his cellular telephone and took photographs of her pubic region and buttocks" while she was on the table.

After obtaining a search warrant for the 68-year-old, whose website touts over 30 years of medical practice, police found "numerous images of nude females that appear to have been taken in a medical office during medical examinations." They were found as deleted images on the hard drive of his cellphone.

The woman who made the complaint identified five of the nude photos as ones "that were taken without her knowledge or consent." Becton has been charged with five felony voyeurism counts.

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Talk about an extreme violation! It's already unnerving enough to let someone, even a trained professional someone, all up in our business like that. But we're supposed to have faith that they do this all the time and take no particular special interest in our own special flowers.

This is especially creepy because he's a man! Now, I'm an equal opportunist, and know that there are questionable women out there too. But I've heard many people reason that they only want to see female OB-GYNs because they don't understand why a man would want to go into the field in the first place.

I always believed it was an appreciation for our gender as a whole, and a desire to keep us as healthy as possible. Besides, what greater job could there be than one where you get to help bring new life into the world on a regular basis?

But if this guy is taking pictures? Why?? Is the fetish a recent development, or has he always been looking at his patients a little funny? Is this why he got into the field in the first place? Sick, sick, sick!

I still believe the vast majority (like, hopefully, all the rest) of male gynecologists don't get their jollies by staring at lady parts all day. But stories like this are bound to give us a girls a pause when we decide whether or not we want our special places tended to by a man or a woman.

Does this story change your opinion on seeing a male gynecologist?

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Elaine Cox

good lord...just take it out..wasnt even trying to hide it

Mrscj... Mrscjones

No i prefer male over a female. Most men definitely don't get into it for jollies do you realize they see vaginas at their worst.

nonmember avatar Mon

I actually feel more comfortable with male doctors. I don't do female docs at all..

Julia Saenz

well as the rape culture we live in goes, "hey, if these women are whipping out their hoo haas in front of a red blooded male, what did they expect to happen

nonmember avatar kel

my ob/gyn always has an assistant with him. he's never alone

AliPa... AliParker

That's awful for those women. I hate accidentally being in the background of strangers photos and that's my face...

It does not change my opinion on male gynecologists. I have had both male and female gynecologists. I'm pregnant with my third child right now and my doctor is a man and he is great! Out of my three pregnancies (I had different doctors with my first two kids) he is my favorite.

AshDep AshDep

I prefer male doctors. However, all of my ObGyn visits,whether the Dr was male or female, always had a doctor and a nurse present during any physical exam.

JS0512 JS0512

I've had 5 OB/GYN's and 3 have been men.  I prefer it that way.  One of the women that I had didn't seem to take my concerns/complaints seriously.  It seemed to be a mentality of "well, I have a vagina, and I don't have that problem, so you must be exaggerating".  I feel like the men take what I say at face value.

Morri... MorriganzMommy

I have been to only one gyn that was a man. It was for an emergency due to tge cysts i get. I've also gotten a transvaginal ultrasound by a man. Both times I was asked if this was okay and both times a female nurse was present for the whole time. Its far more comfortable i bet for each of us to hve the third party. I know id like some else there to prevent theses kinds of things from happening but also if prevents the male doctor or tech from getting falsely accused.

Sarah... SarahHall58

Why weren't these women paying attention? I would know if my doctor pulled out a cell phone and was taking pics. Plus my doctor, who's a woman, is never alone. They shouldn't be alone regardless of sex. Even when I see a patient. (Male or female) in my psych hospital I'm not alone and that's to protect me from allegations.

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