4 Tricks to Break Out of Your Workout Rut

Break out of a Boring Workout Routine Exercise can easily turn into something you dread, a boring chore somewhere on your to-do list. But it doesn't have to! While it may be hard work at times, working out should be fun and something you enjoy doing. If you dread going to the gym because you know it's going to be boring, or your weight loss has stalled, or you’re looking for ways to distract yourself, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. 

What’s going on? It could be as simple as being in a workout rut, which is easy enough to fix. Here are tips on getting out of the rut and making exercise fun again!


1. Stop doing what you hate. Sounds simple, right? Yet so many people do what they THINK they should be doing rather than finding what it is they enjoy. The key here is to be open to trying all kinds of workouts and be prepared that you may not like all of them and you may suck at some of them. That's okay. If you keep trying different workouts, eventually one will be fun. You may even not be great at it right away, but when you’re excited to go back for more, that’s when you know you’ve found “the one.”

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2. If you’re bored or if you’ve hit a plateau with your goals, it may be as simple as changing your routine. For example, I have a client who loves yoga and does two classes a week without fail. After a while, she wasn’t feeling at all challenged and didn’t look forward to going. I suggested she switch one of her classes to a different instructor. Boom. Because of the different teaching style, she felt challenged and energized. When was the last time you mixed things up?

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3. Do you work out at the same time of day, every day? Try switching up your workout time. It may sound a little crazy, but breaking your routine in this small way could totally change the way you feel about exercise. As anyone who’s worked in a gym can tell you, it is a completely different environment depending on the time of day. The people working out are different, the type of equipment that is more popular is different, the general mood is different. If you exercise in the early morning, try a shorter lunchtime workout, or go in the evening and see if it suits you. Bonus: If you decide your original time is best, having seen that the grass is not greener may give you a new lease on your routine. 

4. Sometimes, breaking out of a workout rut can be as simple as changing up your entertainment when you exercise. Put together a whole new playlist for your next workout. Music has such a huge effect on your mood, it makes sense that it can make the same kind of impact on your workout. If you’d rather go headphone-free for safety or because it’s just not your jam (pun intended -- sorry!), think about working out with a friend to keep you entertained and motivated.

Have you ever found yourself in a workout rut? What did you do to switch things up?


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