Naps May Make You Die Prematurely

napping catSome of us love naps. We need them to function. Sometimes we just get so tired that the toothpicks give out and a snooze is an absolute must. Or we partake in coffee and attempt to delay the inevitable slumber. Naps are a beautiful thing. Or so I thought. Napping is linked to an early death. It can kill us. Die. Dead. Gone. Game over. Adults who nap every day are two and a half times more likely to die before their "time."

This is the worst news ever. Is this study funded by those who pimp out caffeine? Or one of those energy drinks? I'm a napper. I nap so I can live! Not to die sooner!


I've been napping my whole life. I napped as a baby. I napped after class when I was in high school. And after I had kids, I napped when they napped. My kids are in school now and I still love a nap. If I don't nap or drink 387 cups of coffee, I tend to fade around 4 p.m. Napping makes me feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world! Until, of course, it's time to go to sleep again. Then bed. Wake. Coffee. Life. Nap. More coffee. More life. Sleep. DEATH?!?

This "fact" came about after researchers studied 16,000 British adults over 13 years. These Brits slept for an hour or more a day and they were nearly a third more likely to die prematurely. When the researchers went to check on their subjects, they were startled to find that so many of them had died.

After carefully looking into this, it was revealed that many of them had a lung disease. What? Does napping cause lung disease? Thankfully, no. It's believed that the lung disease made people want to nap more and triggered an inflammation in the body, which led to an early death. Okay, maybe I feel a little better. But out of these 16,000 people, why so many lung diseases?

The researchers did say that napping can be a sign there is a bigger issue with your health. So maybe have that checked out. But if you nap less than an hour a day, your life isn't expected to be cut short.

Are you a napper? What do you think of this study?


Image via Puck - nap guru/Flickr

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