'Banana Girl' Swears Eating 51 Bananas a Day Made Her THIS Thin (PHOTOS)​

banana girlHave you heard of Freelee the Banana Girl? No, she isn't some performer in a circus sideshow (though with a name like that, your confusion is understandable). Freelee is a self-proclaimed 'diet guru' on YouTube. She preaches the benefits of a raw, vegan, fruit diet as the key to losing weight and staying fit. So far that just sounds hard to do, but not insane, right? 

That's until you get to the part where you learn pretty much all this woman eats is fruit. She stays 'raw until 4' eating meals of only uncooked fruit. After 4 she'll have a cooked meal ... or more fruit ... or potatoes. Thrilling. 

Keep in mind, it's not like she's only eating a couple pieces of the stuff either. That's where it gets even more extreme. Freelee talks about how she can eat as many as 51 bananas in one sitting, or over 7 pounds of potatoes


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freelee the banana girl attracts controversy

Who knew that the key to losing weight and looking great was to starve yourself all day and then gorge on fruit. Sooo glad she's garnered such a massive following on YouTube (she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm). While Freelee says that this diet helped her lose over 40 pounds (not surprising, really), it's not its efficacy that has us in shock.

Like any extreme diet, this just doesn't sounds healthy. Freelee is very open about her past eating disorders. In fact, she claims that this new diet is what helped her get over her anorexia and bulimia. But going on such a crazy and restrictive diet doesn't sound to me like she's really broken free of anything. Bananas are delicious, but you will never convince me that there is anything normal or healthy about eating 51 of them in a single sitting.


Do you think this diet sounds like a good idea?


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