The 10 Worst Places for Allergies: Is Your Hometown on the List? (PHOTOS)

As happy as we are that spring is finally upon us, it brings with it something a big chunk of the population dreads. That's right, it's allergy season. Break out the extra-soft Kleenex and the sinus congestion curing tablets -- it's about to get awful up in here. Allergies are abysmal, and most of the 'cures' just seem to make you feel worse in new and equally awful ways.

The best thing you can do when this time of year is in full force? Know how best to avoid the places that are more likely to be full of triggers for you and your fragile immune system. Lucky for you, allergy experts have just released a list of the 10 worst cities in America for allergy sufferers.


This list is a perfect -- and surprising -- breakdown of the places across the country that are the most likely to make us allergy sufferers totally miserable. So if you've got vacation time coming up and you're thinking of visiting one of the cities in this list, maybe rethink those plans. This doesn't mean you have to cancel your trip altogether, but plan accordingly. Can you go another time of year? Do you think you and your doctor can come up with a travel solution to help you cope? Check out the list and see if your home or next vacation destination is on it!

Do you plan your vacations around your allergies?

Image via parrchristy/Flickr