Kirstie Alley & Jenny Craig Reunited! Her Weight Loss Roller Coaster (PHOTOS)

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Kirstie Alley's body has seen nearly every size in women's clothing. From her early days on television in the late 1990s until now, she's gained and lost weight, then gained it and lost it again. Though she may lose her healthy habits from time to time, she never loses her sense of humor or her willingness to be totally honest and candid about her weight issues. I think that's why we have to keep rooting for her -- well, that and a lot of us can relate to her struggle. 

Seven years ago Kirstie joined Jenny Craig as a spokesperson and lost 75 pounds over 4 years. Now they're back together: Kirstie Alley is joining Jenny Craig as a spokesperson -- again. She told Matt Lauer on the Today show that since her break from the weight loss company her weight has been on a "roller coaster." Even though now she still feels healthy, Kirstie says she's about 30 pounds over her target weight.

Actually, I think Kirstie is like a lot of women whose weight fluctuates over time -- it makes sense that at some point she'd need help maintaining her weight and getting back on track. It's not easy! 

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Let's look back at 10 of the most memorable moments in Kirstie Alley’s weight loss (and gain) journey.


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  • 1989: 'Cheers'



    Kirstie Alley got her first big breakthrough role as Sam's love interest Rebecca on the hit sitcom Cheers over 20 years ago.

  • 2004: Time for Jenny Craig


    Frederick M. Brown/Getty

    By 2004 Kirstie had gained a lot of weight and decided she needed help losing it all, so she signed up as a spokesperson with Jenny Craig.


  • 2005: 'Fat Actress'



    A year later she starred in the satirical comedy Fat Actress, in which Kirstie played herself as an actress trying to work it in Hollywood.

  • 2006: Kirtie's Losing It!


    Will Powers/Getty

    By March, 2006 Kirstie was looking svelte and glowing.

  • 2006: Kristie Wears a Bikini on 'Oprah'


    Harpo Productions

    And then she dared to wear a bikini on Oprah!

  • 2007: Contract With Jenny Craig Accomplishes the Goal


    Kevin Winters/Getty

    Kirstie was thrilled to lose 75 pounds with Jenny Craig.

  • 2009: Kirstie Gains 83 Pounds



    But just two years later she'd gained it all back, plus more.

  • 2010: Kirstie's Big Life



    Which means it was time to make another TV show about an actress struggling with her weight: Kirstie's Big Life.

  • 2011: Dancing With the Stars


    Anna Webber/Getty

    Kirstie fought back and lost the weight again, thanks in large part to her fierce workouts for Dancing With the Stars.

  • 2014: Ready for Jenny Craig Again



    It's just 30 extra pounds this time. Kirstie looks great now, but she knows her body and what she needs to feel her best. We wish her the best!

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