5 Things Only a Person With Eczema Can Understand

eczemaSome things you can never truly understand unless you actually experience it. The top of that list? Childbirth and motherhood. Also pretty high, as far as I'm concerned, is eczema. If you've spent your life with perfectly smooth skin on your body, it's hard to get what one of those horrid flare-ups is really like. If you have it, you know what I mean. Here are 5 things only an eczema sufferer could truly understand.

What annoys you most about eczema?



  • You can't even look at non-cotton clothing


    Image via Apparel oasap/Flickr

    Unnatural, man-made fibers can be your worst enemy when you have eczema. They can cause itching and irritation. As a result, cotton clothing is a must.

  • You can NEVER run out of lotion


    Image via Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr

    Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. No other daily ritual will be as important as slathering on lotions and creams. It is essential for staving off a flare-up.

  • The crux of the elbow is the most hated body part


    Image via Erich Ferdinand/Flickr

    The area behind the knees is a close second. The reason? People often get unbearable flare-ups in these areas. 

  • Hot baths are actually a torture device


    Image via Complete Merchandise/Flickr

    While everyone else can luxuriate in a nice, long, hot soak, it's actually the worst thing an eczema sufferer can do. It can trigger a breakout. It's best to keep it short and lukewarm.

  • Shorts are the worst invention ever


    Image via zooshoo.com

    Wearing shorts -- or any other body-baring piece of clothing -- can be a terrifying thought. And a fear of cellulite has nothing to do with it. Many eczema sufferers worry about hiding those unsightly eczema breakouts and protecting their damaged skin from the sun.

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