Mom Confession: I Take Prescription Diet Pills When I'm Stressed

PillsI have a little confession to make, since I'm (mostly) all about keeping it real up in here. You see, I really, really love food. Like, ridiculously love food. You know the saying, "some people eat to live and others live to eat"? I don't even understand that first group. People that say they're so busy they forgot to eat? They might as well be speaking Greek. Mmmm, Greek yogurt. Wait, what?

Anyway, not only do I love to eat, but I'm a stress eater. This one time in college, a friend said she always got really skinny after a breakup, because she couldn't eat when she was sad. I was all -- but, but, but ... ice cream!


The problem with this love of food and compulsion to eat my feelings is that I also really love being a size six -- for both physical and emotional reasons.

I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disorder and told at 17 that those cushy things between my vertebrae were about as cushy as a 50-year-old's, so Lord knows how flat they are now. What I do know is that if my weight creeps up past a certain number, it's pain city for the ol' backbone.

Now, I could totally say it's purely for health reasons and leave it at that, but I did say I like to keep it real, right? I've got body image issues, mmmkay? Cue the tiny violin for the I was a bulimic teenager song, and trust me when I say those issues run deep. Most of the time, I'm able to keep a lid on it, manage some self-control in the dietary department, and not stuff my face with a carne asada burrito.

But then there are times when I know it can get completely out of hand. Like going through a divorce for example. That's when I see my doc and get a prescription for appetite suppressants.

I don't use them to skip meals and starve myself. It's just a way to keep that aforementioned tendency to eat my feelings in check. Because if I don't ... I invariably start to go down that bulimia path again, and that's just no bueno.

Like anything, I know diet pills can be abused. But I try to be responsible about it and only use them when I know I need a little extra help to keep the beast at bay.

Have you ever taken diet pills?


Image via e-Magine Art/Flickr

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