Moment 40-Year-Old Woman Hears for First Time Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

deaf woman hears for first timeWe are used to seeing amazing footage of toddlers who -- thanks to the miracles of modern medicine -- are able to hear for the first time. It's something we never get tired of. It's heartwarming, thrilling, and instantly brings a smile to your face. However, we never see that moment with an adult ... that is, until now. A 40-year-old woman received an implant and finally heard for the first time, and it may change everything you thought you felt about your health.


Joanne Milne was born with a rare condition called Usher Syndrome, which left her deaf. A cochlear implant finally would allow her to hear if it was successful. She had the surgery last month and had to wait four agonizing, stressful weeks to find out if it worked. This is the moment she received that answer.

Breathtaking, isn't it? Can you imagine going your entire life never experiencing sound? Always wondering. Always hoping. It's easy to relate to her reaction -- simultaneously overwhelmed and overjoyed. She can hardly believe it. It's amazing to hear her describe the feeling of it.

This is a wonderful reminder that miracles can happen at any age. I think a lot of times, when you've lived your life with a certain condition, it's easy to think you will live the rest of your life that way. And observers, whether they be friends, family, or colleagues, even stop expecting things to change or improve after so many years. However, this is a reminder that there is always hope. Science and medicine are constantly evolving and changing, offering us new ways to treat old ailments and problems. What an uplifting story.

Have you ever experienced a medical miracle or medical breakthrough that changed your life?


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