Bye Bye Social Drinking


I'm hardly David Hasselhoff. But for me, even small amounts of alcohol mess me up. For example, I had one Cosmo on Friday night, and I was a soup sandwich all day Saturday. I hate that hungover feeling so much that I vow to not drink for one whole month. I just want to feel better and get stuff done before the holiday get-together season begins. Here is more about the effects alcohol has on women.


Do you get hangovers?

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Have you ever gone on an alcohol hiatus?

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Peace... PeaceBstill07

It depends on how much I drink.

Friday I went to a hen party and was useless the next day. That had not happened in a long time. I think maybe age has something to do with it too. I can't do what I ded 16 and 18 yrs ago.

Because I recognize that one of my girlfriends (who is going through a lot) is a little upset with me. I just can't do it. I will have my first degree in December and I am not willing to sacrifice that for a hang over once a week.

I also have my second life changing surgery coming up in Novemeber (they are taking the other side of my thyroid out), so I have to step up to the plate and act my age.


jblue... jblueeyes228

If one has to VOW not to drink for a month so that she can be ready for the season get togethers then there is a drinking problem happening. It does not matter how MUCH you drink rather,what happens to you when you DO drink. If you got terribly sick from eating strawberries, would you ever eat them again? Anyone at any age can be an alcoholic. Be Careful

lanea... laneanwalkermom

only some of the time, and usually when i mix different alcohols. i like the hard liqure not beer so when i drink its usually something fruity and mixed.  i found that if you eat, take 3 tylenol and a 8oz glass of water before you go drinking and then eat chips or something while drinking  i dont get as hungover....mainly a headache for me.

Brooke11 Brooke11

I made the commitment to not drink on July 21st this summer. Since then I haven't had a drink with the exception of a glass of wine last Friday eve to celebrate our wedding! It's been easy this time only because I'm ready.

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Good for you Brooke11! Congratulations on making a commitment and sticking to it! oh.... and congratulations on getting married.


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