Gym Tells Woman to Cover Up Her Toned Body Because It’s ‘Intimidating’ (PHOTO)

gymFor those of you tired of intimidating people with your smokin' hot, toned bods, a word of advice: Don't go to Planet Fitness. The gym, which prides itself on being a "Judgment Free Zone" that doesn't do "gymtimidation," asked Tiffany Austin, who was enjoying her first workout after a car accident she'd been in, to cover up. She was told that her gym attire and physique were making people feel uncomfortable.

Curious to see what Austin was wearing?


tiffany austin

Nothing too revealing, right? Not something that would turn you slaw-jawed were you to come across it. It's pants and a sports bra. But see, the thing is, one of Planet Fitness' policies is "no string tank tops," which Austin is clearly wearing.

About 15 minutes into her workout, Austin claims a manager came up to her and said, "Excuse me, we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?" Confused, Austin agreed to put on one of the free shirts the gym provides, but while she was waiting, another employee came up to her and scolded her for her attire. That's when she decided Planet Fitness wasn't the place for her, so she got her money back and quit the gym.

On the one hand, I understand that Planet Fitness has a dress code, and Austin was technically violating it, but on the other, it sure seems like the "judgment-free zone" hath turned into the "judgment zone" in this case. I wouldn't say Austin was being "that person" that Planet Fitness strives to keep out of their gym (the grunting, judging, showing off gym rat). She was a woman walking on a treadmill in a sports bra.

The manager at the Planet Fitness in Richmond, California, where this occurred, said that the company "strives to make everyone feel comfortable" and claims that the dress code is at the discretion of staff members and managers. But the corporate Planet Fitness spokesperson disagrees, saying that being criticized for being toned "is not in line with the Planet Fitness policy whatsoever."

I think I have to agree with the latter. Hope you like your new gym, Tiffany!

Do you think this woman was treated unfairly?

Image via Health Gauge/Flickr

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