Woman Goes to Doctor for Stuffy Nose & Learns a Bullet Is Lodged in Her Head

bulletSome things defy all reason. Example? The woman who walked into the doctor's office complaining about a stuffy nose only to find that there was a bullet lodged in her head. Even crazier? It had been there for 48 years and she had no idea. If you are like me, you are wondering how the hell something like this can happen?


Apparently, at the age of 14, this women was hit in the right temple by what she thought was a stone. Boy was she mistaken. She only felt minor pain and thought nothing of it. She certainly didn't think fiery ammo had pierced her skull and remained there.

So she goes on about her life in China, blissfully unaware. Of course it never dawned on her that the chronic stuffy nose, headaches, and swollen lymph nodes were caused by the long ago incident. At 62, finally fed up with the symptoms that had dogged her for 10 years, she went to the doctor. "I am happy that the bullet did not kill me, I am grateful to it for allowing me to live and the opportunity of my life with my family," the woman told reporters.

Love her positive attitude. That is definitely something to be grateful for. BUT ... and this is a big BUT ... it's crazy to think she had no idea. It wasn't exactly a small bullet. It measured 2.5 centimeters long and 0.5 cementer in diameter when it was taken from her head. How could you not know something like that was not in your skull -- nearly 50 years at that.

This will certainly make me think twice about ignoring seemingly simple, innocuous symptoms. I can only imagine her shock when the doctors told her the news. I probably would have fainted at the thought. There is no telling what damage it could have done if it had moved or shifted the wrong way inside her head. She really is a very lucky woman.

Have you ever had a bizarre diagnosis like this one?


Image via David/Flickr

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