Teen Dies of Lung Cancer Weeks After Complaining of Common Health Issue

flowerSandra Martinez was a happy, popular, honor roll student at Azusa High School in California. She was your typical 16-year-old, who enjoyed her friends, and was on the cheerleading squad. But a few months ago, after cheering at a basketball game, Martinez made an unusual health complaint to her mother.


After the game, Martinez complained of feeling short of breath during the game. Her mother, concerned, immediately took her to a local hospital, where it was discovered that she had a 7-inch tumor on her lungs. The poor teen died last week on March 6, only two short months after doctors made the discovery. Ironically, her passing happened a few days after her school was to hold a benefit to pay for the family's mounting medical bills.

According to reports, during the last month of her life, Sandra was in a medically-induced coma after one of her lungs collapsed due to internal bleeding from an attempted biopsy. Her family posted to Facebook, "She was surrounded by family and went peacefully. Our family would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support as well as ask for privacy during this time."

Sometimes, the world just doesn't make sense. How could this have happened to an innocent 16-year-old girl? It's horrible. But please, please let everyone use this as a reminder that if you feel that something is not right with yourself, get to a doctor. Even if it's something as common as shortness of breath.


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Image via Tatiana Gerus/Flickr

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