5 Celebrity Workout 'Couples' Who Help Each Other Stay in Shape (PHOTOS)

mandy moore working out Working out isn't easy. One way of tempering the agony of a grueling workout and spicing up your dull routine is to employ the buddy system. Recruit a fellow fitness fiend (or aspiring one) to join you working out a couple of times a week. Not only will they inspire you to keep going when the going gets super rough, but working out with someone whose company you enjoy makes the time fly by. After all, time does indeed fly when you're having fun. Or so they say. I've never had fun so I wouldn't know.

If you're still skeptical as to whether or not a workout buddy would help you rather than hinder you, look no further than to some of Hollywood's brightest stars! For many of them, fitness is a top priority in order to keep themselves in fighting form. Glamorous, ridiculously hot, fighting form.

For many of them, working out with a friend is the key component to keeping their regimes fresh and fun. And because they are famous folks, their friends are very often other celebrities. Just imagine that the next time you and your friend Andre go to the gym. You could pretend to be famous people! Added an unexpected workout bonus ahoy! Here are 5 of our favorite celebrity workout buddies.

Do you prefer working out alone or with a friend?


Image via Instagram