'Ice Cream Diet' Cleanse Is Too Sweet to Be True (VIDEO)

yoga ice cream diet cleanse venice california kippy'sA Venice, California ice cream shop called Kippy's! is making headlines all over the country for going well beyond the usual "skinny" offerings for your sweet tooth. Instead, they're actually claiming their product can be used to do a four-day ice cream "cleanse." Yep, just eat five pints of their non-dairy, sugar-free "plant-based, raw coconut cream" dessert for four straight days, do their daily yoga exercises, and cough up $240 to detox and lose weight. Aaaaand we are all collectively rolling our eyes.

Or are we?


Sadly, it seems like the gimmicky plan is actually resonating with some. Well, the owner of Kippy's says that so far, 12 people have completed their yoga-ice cream cleanse and lost weight! Ha. Okay, let's see where they stand in no more than a week, though, right?

The thing is ... as much as we would LOVE to believe something like this works like a magic bullet, it's basically just a restricted calorie diet. CBS News notes that five pints of the Kippy's ice cream comes out to about 1,200 calories a day, which sounds smart, but it'll also cost you 70 grams of fat and more than 120 grams of total sugars. OMG.

So maaaybe eating that many calories could mean shedding a couple of pounds, but uh, the other gulp-worthy stats are troubling. And just like with any restrictive, extreme, bizarro fad diet, even if you managed to lose weight on this cockamamie plan, experts agree that going back to real life and actual food will cause participants to gain it right back. Duh.

This is nothing more than a cruel reminder that the real path to a healthy weight and, uh, actually being healthy requires hard work -- disciplined, balanced nutrition and working out. There is no quick fix, magic bullet, or "yoga-ice cream" diet -- no matter how sweet that would be.

Have you ever tried a cleanse like this? What did you think?

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