7 Things to Avoid When Your Eczema Is at Its Worst

shower headIf you have eczema, you know that a flare-up is no fun at all. There is not much that I wouldn’t do to avoid that pain and discomfort. However, if you find yourself itchy and irritated, there are things you can do to not exacerbate the situation. Take a look at our tips for making that flare-up as painless as possible.


1. Steer clear of the anti-bacterial soaps.

They will make you want to crawl right out of your skin. Use natural soaps to clean your skin. Don’t take hot showers and don’t scrub or run too hard. Then quickly apply moisturizer while you are still wet.

2. Avoid perfumes.

As women, we want to look and smell our best at all times. We feel it’s part of what makes us attractive, but during an eczema flare-up, the perfumes, preservatives, and alcohols in these products can worsen your flare-up.

3. Don't munch mindlessly.

Keep track of what you eat in a food diary. Sometime food allergies can cause or make your flare-ups worse. Foods that are common culprits are eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, tomatoes, and nuts.

4. Avoid stressful situations.

Stress can trigger a flare-up. I live and thrive in stress, but I’ve had to learn to stop and step back or I would live my life in a constant flare-up. Believe me, I know de-stressing is easier said than done, but if you work in a highly stressful field or you’re a mom, try mediation and taking planned breaks, even if it’s just to the bathroom for two minutes.

5. Avoid wool like the plague.

Wear loose, natural fabrics next to the skin. Wool and synthetic fabrics will irritate your skin and your eczema flare-up will mutiny. Wool is not your friend, my fellow eczema sufferers.

6. Extreme temps are a no-no.

Avoid overheating or freezing. Eczema skin is a fickle one; extreme hot and cold or too much humidity can make flare-ups worse. So avoid getting too hot while working out or too cold while playing outside during the winter months. Remember to dress appropriately, cool down, and hydrate.

7. Just say no to cigarettes.

Cigarette smoke can cause eczema symptoms to worsen. It's just one more reason to stop smoking. So if you or someone you live with has eczema, be kind to yourself and everyone around you by throwing out the cancer sticks.

What do you avoid during eczema flare-ups?


Image via StevenDepolo/Flickr

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