Jessica Simpson's 'Mom Workout' Is the Secret to Her Dramatic Weight Loss

jessica simpson selfie instagramMuch has been said about Jessica Simpson's recent weight loss, but the most important part of it all is how absolutely elated the mom of two seems with her healthier new lifestyle. We all know she followed the Weight Watchers system to keep her nutrition in check, but it couldn't be more clear that adopting other habits -- like walking around her hilly L.A.-area neighborhood and wearing a pedometer -- has been integral to feeling and looking incredible!

She also has a pretty special workout secret up her sleeve ...


Jessica's favorite form of cardio is neither Barry's Boot Camp nor CrossFit. No, it's running around after daughter Maxwell (who will be 2 in May) and playing with her on the swings in the backyard, according to E! News. Being a mom has provided the most enjoyable form of exercise for Simpson yet, their source says. Aww! Too cute.

And it makes so much sense. Experts always say people will do well to opt for workouts that they enjoy, and what mom doesn't love the kind of activity Jess is "sneaking in" with her daughter? Love how simply having a blast with Maxwell serves as a wonderful way for her to not only move and get her heart rate up, but spend quality time with her little girl. I can imagine that if she keeps it up, especially once baby Ace starts racing around, too, she's going to have no problem maintaining her goal weight! 

What do you do with your kids that helps you stay fit?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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