One Workout You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime (PHOTOS)

Resistance Band WorkoutWouldn't it be amazing to have your own home gym? All the latest equipment, available anytime, without having to travel or pay membership dues at a gym? For most of us, a home gym is not even close to a realistic option. There is one piece of equipment, though, that is inexpensive, takes up very little space, is super-portable (great for traveling!), and on top of all this, it will give you an awesome workout at home!

What is it? A resistance band.


Bands can be used to replace traditional strength-training equipment like dumbbells or barbells and can easily adjust to make an exercise easier or harder. Not sure where to start?

This workout uses two different types of band -- one with an anchor that can be used in a door-frame, and one that's a simple loop to go around your legs -- and will help you work various parts of the body, from your shoulders to your lower body.

Ready to work out? Have you tried #6 yet? 


Image via Carly Pizzani

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