​E-Cigarette Law Will Make It Even Harder to Quit Smoking

I'm not a smoker. But I've known so many friends and family members -- including my mother and husband -- who struggled and succeeded in kicking the habit. I'm pretty sure they would tell you quitting cigarettes is one of the most difficult, if not the number one most difficult, thing they've ever had to do. And I'm talking about some strong-as-nails people here. For some, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have served as a godsend at times when they've felt desperate and on the verge of picking up a stick. But new laws, including one that was just passed in Los Angeles, are popping up across the country and are pretty much making it impossible for smokers to use this method to kick their habit.

The laws treat e-cigarettes just as if they were actual cigarettes, prohibiting people from using the vapor devices in most public places, including parks and beaches. Former smokers have even been banned from smoking e-cigs in bars and nightclubs -- venues that arguably tempt smokers to pick up their habit again.

People who feel passionately that e-cigarettes should not be treated as a positive alternative to smoking say the devices make smoking more socially acceptable and could possibly attract nonsmokers and encourage them to light up. Proponents of e-cigs argue they are not the same as tobacco and that's it is crazy to treat them the same way.

Here's one thing it seems like both sides can agree on: more research needs to be done on e-cigarettes in order to determine whether they can actually be addictive AND what, if any, second-hand emissions they produce that could potentially harm others.

I understand the need to be proceed with caution with a device that hasn't been given a doctor's stamp of approval yet. It seems silly to me that all necessary testing and research wasn't performed prior to marketing these devices, just so manufacturers could cover all of their bases.

With that said, we ARE 100 percent certain that smoking actual cigarettes can lead to lung disease and cancer. We ARE 100 percent certain that people who smoke cigarettes need to quit. If there's any way they can do this, short of snorting a drug that is far worse than nicotine, it should be considered a positive step in the right direction. E-cigarettes have helped a great many people quit smoking and I hate to think how much more they'll struggle having to kick the habit without help.

Do you agree or disagree with the e-cigarette laws?


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bills... billsfan1104

It fricking vapor. It's not going to harm anyone

Emma Graham

In my opinion, e-cigarettes don't even help you quit. My ex actually smokes more and his nicotine addiction has increased, as he can now puff on the e cigg in the car, in the house, in bed, etc. He is never without it. Maybe this is not the case for everyone, but it's made it worse. Plus I HATED the nasty looks we got when he would pull it out at restaurants or in stores. It was just embarrassing. 

Manth... Manthie717

@Emma Graham I tried using the e-cig to quit too. And like your hubby I have more cravings for the real thing. But unlike him I could curb my urges to pull it out where smoking is banned. As far as the vapors..they are perfectly harmless. I can smoke an e-cig from my house to my parents house and my mom is none wiser that I even had it. My mom is very sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke and she can smell it even if you have showered and put on fresh from the dryer clothing. I can still enjoy the sensation of smoking and not have my mom gripe at me for smelling like cigarettes.

Mommy... MommyOfOne2710

What people don't understand is, it's not just vapor. There's more to it than that. Do some research instead of doing it because it's "cool." And I've never seen it help anyone quit smoking.

the4m... the4mutts

The ecig helped me quit last year. For 6 months. However, they ARE addictive with all their flavors, and the fact that they have nicotine in them. I made sure and just stayed with the lowest level. I alternated real cigarettes and ecigs for a month, then quit completely for 6.

Unfortunately I started up again after that.

I dont see how these regulations are infringing on the rights of smokers/ecig users. Nobody should be subjected to toxic chemicals out in public more than necessary. If you're going to smoke, no matter what you smoke, you should be forced to be considerate about it. I wouldn't dream of inflicting my habit on the general public.

moons... moonshooby

If ecigs prevent my mother from dying of lung cancer like my grandma did then they have served their purpose well. There is the occasional waft of scented air but certainly nothing offensive or harmful. What people don't seem to understand is that tobacco companies are losing tons of money as is the gov't due to the huge taxes placed on cigarettes. There is a big incentive to smaller municipalities and state gov'ts to ban and or outlaw ecigs. Yes, it does help people quit smoking. They continue using the ecig and stepping down the nicotine strength until it is nothing but flavored water vapor. My mother-in-law didn't quit smoking using ecigs but keeps one in her purse to take a few drags when she is stressed and craving a real cigarette. People say studies should be done on the harmfulness of ecigs but I'm wondering why after so many years there haven't been any done?

nonmember avatar amy

Those little viles are deadly to children and dogs. Even a drop can kill. A family member used one around my child and I asked him to stop around her. Im fairly certain those harmless vapors will turn out to have not been so harmless after all.

nonmember avatar amanda

Omg amy stop beimg so self rightous! The water vapor is juat that...water vapor. The nicotine is in the little "butt" end and only goes into YOUR body not the air. I've personally tried them and even though yhey helped me cutdown on how many cigarettes I smoke a day, tthere's still the craving. I bet your not even a smoker! So if you really don't jave any idea what your talking about...stay out of it.

nonmember avatar Amy

Well amanda, im glad you dont make up the rules. So I dont have to stay out of anything. Im so sick of rude people like you that just jump down people's throats for no reason at all. Sensitive much? We were asked whether we agreed with the law. I dont think anyone should be forced to be around something that very well could cause harm to them. Lighten up, would ya?

nonmember avatar Nick

A huge amount of research has already been conducted into the liquids & emissions. The new legislation is an affront to personal freedoms & include an internet gagging order to curb freedom of speech. Even this comment will be illegal. What we KNOW is that there is NO negative health impact from second hand vapour. We KNOW that they are are orders of magnitude safer than cigarettes. We KNOW that the process followed by the EU in getting these regulations through were corrupt. We KNOW the scientific data used to justify these regulations were willfully misinterpreted because the researchers wrote to the EU to complain about how their findings were misinterpreted & misrepresented. We KNOW the impact of these regulations will result in an effective ban meaning anyone you love will have no safer alternative to move to. We also KNOW that nicotine is nowhere near as poisonous to humans as most people think. In the US a lady consumed 1500mg of nicotine in a suicide attempt but failed with no ongoing harm or treatment at the time. Of course ALL chemicals should be out of the reach of children & pets but that is the responsibility of parents, unless you think bleach should be outlawed too. Finally, all the smug non smokers should look at their own legal drug habits before spouting off. Coffee anyone?

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