5 Crazy Birth Control Methods We’re Too Scared to Try

lemonSo how are those birth control pills working out for you? Feeling a little moody and bloated? Sick of Depo-Provera shots? Diaphragm killing your spontaneity? Can't take the six months of non-stop bleeding from your IUD? Not a fan of the taste of condoms? Failed by the pull-out method? Not feeling the rhythm of the rhythm method? (I could do this all day!) No matter where you go for your birth control, one thing is clear: It's hard to find the perfect solution.

So can you blame us for getting a little bit excited every time we hear about a new birth control method? But there are limits to the things I'll try. Here's some outside-the-condom-box ideas that get big points for creativity ... but I think I'll let someone else try them first and tell me how they work.

Would you try any of these?

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mommy... mommytoeandb

Herbal birth control would be freaking awesome.  The lemon thing.  If it was that or have kids...I can see the appeal.  ;)

JessL... JessLogansMommy

I remember after my second was born my OB stressed not to use breastfeeding as birth control over and over again because his wife got pregnant that way.  I'll stick with my no fuss IUD thank you :)

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Breastfeeding was 100% effective for me for a full year. But you still have to pay attention to your body because you'll ovulate BEFORE you get your first period.

lulou lulou

I liked the episode of Boardwalk where the irish lady was trying to start a women's health clinic.

James M. Van Damme

Natural family planning is 99% effective without the side effects and risks. http://www.ccli.org/

nonmember avatar Shannon

Kindara is 99% effective properly used. Check it out.

Laura Palmer

How about the pill....seems simple enough to me


Blues... Blueshark77

I breast fed and got my period when the baby was two months old. We use the calendar. I know when the "danger" days are. I don't like the idea of taking pills or having something implanted in me, but I understand why other women choose so. Use whatever works for you. 

skybl... skybluchick

sure i would try them but only if some one else tested them first lol 4 kids is enough for me lol

ashle... ashleynoel2121

the coke thing was proven to be BS a few years ago

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