Mom Embraces Her 'Muffin Top' in Hilarious Rap You've Got to See (VIDEO)


Stand-up comic Erin Keaney is a far braver woman than I, and I think she may be my hero right now. The 43-year-old mom of two recently uploaded her hilarious “Muffin Top” video to YouTube to preach about body acceptance.

I love when people can accept their flaws -- perceived or real  -- and chose to laugh at them. Let’s face it, most of us, especially us mamas, have a little bit of a muffin top going on. Spanx wouldn’t be a thing if we didn’t.

But it’s just part of having a life that involves more than doing 500 crunches a day and abstaining from cake. We live, we laugh, we love, we make babies, and we love bacon.

So what if there’s a little flabbiness in the midsection at 40? Embrace it. Love your body. Don’t let the you from 10 years in the future want to reach through time and space to punch you in the neck for thinking you’re fat.

You’re fine. Or as Erin raps, "Your're a mutha fuckin' warrior who likes to eat cake."

Damn straight. Now someone please pass the cake.

Would you show off your naked muffin top in public?


Image via FreshBakedEnt/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Bunny

You can get rid of a muffin top with a little bit of excersize.

Blues... Blueshark77

^ Exercise won't budge the stretched out skin though which just kind of hangs there. 


Choco... Chocodoxies

No, often you can't exercise away the stretched out skin from birth. In my case the muscles separated and therefore no amount of crunches of sit ups, leg lifts or bends will do anything to reduce the pooch. It's there for life unless I am willing to risk my life with being put under and having major surgery for the vanity of a "flat belly". That's okay, I'm good with it and so is my husband. 

the4m... the4mutts

That's funny :)

I am fully able to admit that I was NOT that secure with mine, and did get a tummy tuck. Best decision I ever made for my body! My core is so strong now.

I am not lean or skinny, but I can do so much more since the muscles got repaired, and I feel much more confident without 6 inches of FLAP hanging over my pants. I lost 50lbs, and before my surgery, it just made my gut look worse.

Now, my over-the-butt muffin top.... Even though I don't like it, it doesn't affect my health, strength, or ability to be active, so it's there to stay.

Crystal Reavis

This was funny!! When she put frosting on her stomach I was like eww, but the message she is sending is a great one!!!!

nonmember avatar sarah

I have been struggling with whether or not or I want a tummy tuck. I use to have a flat stomach and when I had my daughter it turned into a stretch mark flabby pulled out mess. Been working out but that will never solve the crazy stretch marks I have. I appreciate the4mutts comment and the article to see both sides. I want to accept myself the way I am but honestly I don't feel like who I am should carry a pooch with flabby skin the rest of my life.

mamac... mamacifuni

Yea I don't dig the stretch marked flappy skin that hangs over my pants but when I see it, I'm reminded of what put it there and she is beautiful and fun!

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