Hilaria Baldwin Pulls Another Yoga Stunt in Public -- With Her Baby! (PHOTO)

alec baldwin hilaria carmen yogaHilaria Baldwin is more than just Alec Baldwin's wife and baby mama, people. She's also a serious, longtime yoga instructor, and she won't have anyone forgetting that anytime soon! Hence why she seems to have made it her mission to strike yoga poses all over the place in order to keep up with her 365 pose-challenge. She made tongues cluck by doing airplane pose at 35,000 feet, and now, she's taken her "om" on a train.

The stunt would be eye rollingly irritating, if it wasn't for one big difference in this latest snap: Six-month-old Carmen's in the shot, mimicking mommy by her side! Ridiculously cute.

Here's the pic ...


Yeah, I could see how Hilaria's endless enthusiasm for yoga could quickly wear on the nerves, but how can you not smile looking at this? You can just tell she's elated about involving her little girl, and awww, little Carmen couldn't look more gleeful! It's awesome that Hilaria's psyched to pass her yoga knowledge onto her daughter and teach her all the skills and benefits of the practice.

Plus, okay, come on, let's be honest: How much FUN does it look like they're having!? Ah! That's what exercise should be all about. I'm totally guilty of still calling it "working out," but I'll be the first to admit that I don't want it to feel like work if at all possible. I want it to be play! To be something to look forward to! And something that's not a total pain to do in the first place, that IS possible to do wherever/whenever, because that makes it even less stressful. And it should be all about squashing stress!

It's pretty clear that's how Hilaria feels about yoga ... And I'm sure that growing up with a mom who's sure to share that joy will be seriously good news for Carmen!

What do you think about Hilaria's latest yoga pose? Do you think she's setting a good example for her daughter?


Image via HilariaBaldwin/Instagram

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