10 Workout Moves to Make Your Breasts Perkier

10 workout moves for perkier breastsFrom doing tons of squats to pushups galore, we know working out can transform our shapes in mind-bogglingly awesome ways. But there are certain "figure fixers" we're more skeptical about than others. Like those exercises we've been told for eons are supposed to perk up our breasts. Is it really possible?

Well, believe it or not, it is! Experts say that targeted exercises and strengthening the right muscles (the pectoralis major and minor) can enhance your "girls." Here, 10 smart moves to try for perkier breasts and perfected posture ... (Shoot for 8-12 reps and up to 4 sets per move.)


1. Sag stoppers: Start in a lunge with a band looped under back foot. Hold an end in each hand by shoulders, arms bent and parallel to floor, elbows behind you. Press arms straight out to front, level with shoulders. Slowly and with control, bring arms back to start so you feel chest stretch open. Switch legs and repeat.

2. Medicine ball pushups: Come into a pushup position with left hand on top of a medicine ball, right hand on the floor. Engage legs and draw belly button up and in. Keeping the body in a straight line, bend elbows and slowly lower down as far as possible. Press up through both hands to return to starting position. Complete the prescribed number of reps on one side and then place the opposite hand on the ball and repeat.

3. X-Raises: Stand with feet hip-width apart, the end of a band under each foot. Hold the other end in the opposite hand so bands crisscross in front of you, hands at sides. Bend knees and squat, extending arms out slightly to sides. As you straighten legs to stand, simultaneously reach up and out. Return to squat for one rep.

4. Chest Pass: Lie faceup on the floor with knees bent and feet flat, holding a medicine ball at chest. Keeping lower back pressed into the floor and abs engaged, throw the ball up in front of you as high as possible. Catch with straight arms and immediately lower back to your chest and repeat. Continue as quickly as possible until all reps are complete.

5. Kickbacks: Stand on a resistance band, feet hip-width apart, holding an end in each hand. With arms down at sides, squat and bend slightly at waist, keeping back flat. Draw the band behind you, keeping arms straight, squeezing shoulder blades together and feeling chest stretch open. Slowly release arms for one rep.

6. Shoulder Presses: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees a little bent. Hold the dumbbells a little above your shoulders and press them up until your arms are straight over your head. Hold for a second and lower the weights to where you started. And repeat.

7. Pullovers: Rest your upper back, shoulders and neck in a resting position on a bench, and both feet flat on the floor. Your knees at this point should be bent at 90 degrees. Now hold the dumbbells over your breasts, hands outstretched. Then lower them as much as you can below your head level. Repeat it by lifting the dumbbells back up above your chest.

8. Pectoral flys:  Grasping two dumbbells, lie on your back on the floor or bench. Bring your arms straight to your sides. Lift dumbbells above your chest, internally rotating shoulders, with elbows pointing out to sides. Lower dumbbells to your sides until you feel chest muscles are stretched with elbows in a slightly bent position and repeat.

9. Push-ups: Lie facing the floor with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Keeping your core tight and your body straight, raise your body slightly off the floor by extending your arms. Lower your body to the floor by bending arms and repeat.

10. Planks: While in a push-up position on the floor, rest your weight on your forearms, bending them at 90 degrees beneath your shoulders. Make sure to keep your core in tight and spine in a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds to one minute.

What moves have you tried to enhance your bust? What works the best?

Image via L. Moore/Corbis

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