19 Ways to Make Yourself Work Out Even When You Really Don't Want To

19 Motivating Tricks to Get You Moving When You Don't Feel Like ItIt’s February, you guys. How’s your New Year’s resolution coming to get in shape and stay fit in 2014 coming along? Personally, I feel like I’m going to die, as I recently picked up running again after an almost two year hiatus. My quads are really mad at me right now.

Anyway, it’s not always easy to lace up your trainers and keep with your fitness regimen when there are so many other fun things to do, like sit on the couch watching Hulu and drinking wine.


That’s why we need motivation to get up and get moving. It can’t be just because. For me right now, the motivation is somewhere between reconciling my dueling loves of macaroni and cheese and my skinny jeans, and the coolness factor of being able to say I’m a runner without lying through my teeth. Maybe it’s shallow, but I know I’m still reaping the health benefits, even if my motivation isn’t quite so pure.

There are lots of reasons to get your rear in gear and into some workout clothes. We asked people from all walks of life and different fitness levels what keeps them from giving up their exercise routines, and it seems like everyone has a special reason or thing that motivates them to keep on keeping on.

Here are 19 Ways to Make Yourself Work Out Even When You Really Don't Want To

  1. I remind myself that it's just like a supplement or medicine I have to "take" every day ... because it bolsters my health, hormonal wellness/fertility, mental well-being, etc.
  2. Music! If I can find some amazing upbeat music that makes me want to move, I can convince myself to get started.
  3. A mirror.
  4. The Athleta catalog.
  5. When a good-looking mother of three little kids posts a picture of herself in workout clothes with the caption "what's your excuse?"
  6. Have a buddy. I text a friend and she makes me do it.
  7. I had spinal surgery in 2007 and was told there was a chance that I might not walk again. I think about it every time I tie my laces.
  8. I have slept in my workout clothes to assure I would workout the next morning.
  9. What keeps me motivated is the way exercise makes me feel. It energizes me for the day, warms up my muscles, helps my mood, and allows me to eat more food. More than that, exercise is medicine. There are so many health benefits to exercise. Our bodies are made for motion, having muscle keeps you strong, protects your bones, helps prevent disease and keeps you youthful. With all these benefits how can you not want to exercise, especially with disease running rampant the way it is. It's prevention!
  10. Revenge weight loss!
  11. Having to walk/run the dog twice a day or she drives us crazy with her energy over abundance!
  12. You aren't going to get the butt you want my sitting on it.
  13. Remembering that I never regret pushing myself, if needed, and doing it.
  14. New running shoes! And jeans that are too tight.
  15. My motivation is that I know as I get older, I will not get stronger, I will get weaker unless I take action.
  16. My dad's pill tray. I never want to have one.
  17. Sign up for a race -- it's a goal to work toward
  18. Classes! They make you get to the gym for a specific time and someone else kicks your butt. Some classes require sign ups prior to class and payment. Change up your workouts, so in this case a whole bunch of different classes/different things to get excited for!
  19. Having to wear my "fat" pants and STILL having my muffin top hang over!

What motivates you to exercise?


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