Sexercise Workout Tones You Up With Bedroom Moves -- Awkward!

lungesWe've all heard of our fair share of wacky workout trends. Like, hello, remember Prancercise last year? That woman had some killer gams simply from galloping around the great outdoors. And what about the stiletto workout from a few years back? Well brace yourself for the latest craze: Sexercise.

No no no, this isn't me just telling you that people are getting it on like rabbits and reaping the exercise benefits (although doing the dirty does burn between 90 and 120 calories every half hour). It's actually a 32-minute workout from personal trainer Jason Rosell that combines, yup -- you guessed it -- the foundations of exercise and sex.

Coming from the man who has trained Drew Carey and Snooki? Man, this should be interesting.


So, what sort of things does one do in sexercise class? Well, I'm glad you asked. Sexercise participants will do three rounds of 45-second cardio-based sexercises including lunges, squats, and booty pops designed to tone calves, glutes, and quads (with the goal to improve endurance so sexercisers can get freaky for hours on end).

I'm sorry, but I just can't imagine walking into a studio that I've never been to before and doing a class like this.

sexercise_workoutBut just you wait, I have good news! You can sexercise on your own at home, too, using Rosell's key moves. The best part? Their names.

1. Ab twist: Hold your hands together in a clasping grip, and lift up your legs one at a time while twisting your torso in the opposite direction.

2. Leg scissors: This one's steamy for sure. Find a partner to wrap your legs around. Then lift your body up off the floor while thrusting upward. In the process, make sure to tighten your hamstrings, glutes, and abs.

3. Caliente squats: Slightly bend your knees and make sure your legs and feet are at least shoulder-length apart. Then lower yourself so your thighs are parallel to the floor while tightening your glutes and abs.

4. The booty pop: Now this, this is sexual. Get into a tabletop position on all fours. Then take turns bringing each knee in toward your chin, and then returning it to the floor.

Would you try a workout with a name like sexercise?


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