8 Dogs Wearing Sports Jerseys Because Hey -- It's Super Bowl Weekend (PHOTOS)

pet wearing jerseyNot everyone is a major sports fan. While this weekend's Super Bowl XLVIII at Jersey's MetLife Stadium may be a major event, not everyone's going to be glued to the TV with a Bud Light in hand, screaming for a first down.

But you know what everyone is a fan of? Cute dogs. I mean, how could you NOT be? Find someone who isn't a fan of adorable tail-wagging puppies and I will call them out for being Satan.

In honor of this weekend's major sporting event, take a look at these 8 almost too adorable dogs wearing jerseys. Because, well, why not?


Are you a dog lover? If you have your own, have you ever dressed them up like this?


Image via brucebulldog/Instagram

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