Hilaria Baldwin Annoys Passengers by Doing Weird Yoga Moves on a Plane

Alec Baldwin's young wife, Hilaria, is quickly becoming the Gisele Bundchen of the yoga world -- that is, the person most likely to annoy you. Longtime yoga instructor Hilaria has been taking advantage of her sudden semi-fame as Alec's wife to promote the practice to which she is devoted. Sometimes bizarrely over-devoted. Like here when she does a "pilot pose" on, you guessed it, an airplane. And then she posted it to Instagram -- because of course she did.


The picture is pretty Hilaria-us actually. Hilaria seems to have no qualms about sticking her ass in the flummoxed passengers' faces in first class. Check out their reactions! Heh heh.

I mean, seriously, is this woman annoying or what? I'm actually glad to know Alec Baldwin has married someone as annoying as himself.

That said, I totally get wanting to stretch out on an airplane flight. I'm one of those people who probably annoys people because I walk up and down the aisles stretching and getting my legs moving on long flights. Sometimes people stare at me oddly. They probably think I'm plotting to take over the plane.

Other times, I'll stand in the back and jog in place for a few minutes. I try not to block people or bother the people sitting in the back row -- but those in the Hell Seats have to deal with everyone lining up for the bathroom anyway.

Why do I do this? Because have you heard of a little thing called blood clots? Yes, they can be caused by sitting down for extended hours, especially on flights. One of my friends got two clots in his lung thanks to his long haul flights.

Plus, after a couple of hours, my ass is burning.

I also do yoga. See, I'm not lying:

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But would I do yoga on a plane? No! Because that's show-offy. And no one wants your ass in their face. Even if it is that very tight ass that yogis usually have, including Hilaria. Sure, some people might not mind your yoga butt in their face, but do you really want to pander to those people?

Hilaria, get over yourself, girl. Namaste!


Image via HilariaBaldwin/Instagram

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