Strangers Save People's Lives Again & Again in Ultra Inspiring Video (WATCH)

saving livesWith so many scary news stories, it's easy to lose your faith in humanity. Crimes against children, Bernie Madoff-style swindlers, and a "knock-out" game targeting the elderly are enough to make you think the world is clearly going to hell in a big, old hand basket. It's an incredibly scary thought, but one we've all felt after scanning the headlines. However, I recently came across a video that has helped me restore faith in the inherent goodness of people. It shows the amazing acts of kindness perfect strangers are capable of. This video is one of the most astounding things that I have seen in a long time.


Some of the footage is grainy, but you can make out the jaw-dropping acts of bravery that take place. Among the most mesmerizing:

  1. 0:00 The very first vignette of a man nearly being pulverized by a train is just heart-stopping.
  2. 0:44 Seeing what that poor driver was saved from will surely make you believe in miracles.
  3. 1:20 It's a little hard at first to understand what is happening, but once you realize it's a toddler hanging on for deal life, your heart will stop.
  4. 3:00 That man had just three seconds to pull that fellow traveler to safety. 
  5. 4:03 We always see those Heimlich maneuver posters at restaurants, but we never imagine actually having to give it to someone. 
  6. 4:44 You've heard of adrenaline giving people crazy, unnatural strength. See it in action here as they lift a car off a badly injured man.
  7. 5:57 This bus driver literally brings this woman back to life.

There are so many instances where people instantly jump onto tracks and put themselves into harm's way to save a total stranger's life. It's heartwarming. It's an important reminder that there are more loving, caring human beings than there are monsters out there. We need to look out for each.

What was your favorite "save" from the video?

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