America's Most Obese Jobs Revealed: Is Yours One of Them?

scaleIt's safe to say that when you're thinking about what you want to do with your career, your last thought is: is this going to make me fat? Well, what if I were to tell you that there are certain jobs where, on average, the employees are more obese. Seriously.

A new study, published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal Preventing Chronic Disease, reveals the rankings of obesity from truck drivers to scientists. And let me tell you, some of these standings may just surprise you.

Check out the CDC's list of most obese professions, here:


1. Truck drivers - 38.6 percent
2. Transportation and material moving - 37.9 percent
3. Protective services - 33.3 percent
4. Cleaning and building services - 29.5 percent
5. Health services - 28.8 percent
6. Mechanics and repairers - 28.9 pecent
7. Administrative support - 27.9 percent
8. Personal services - 27.2 percent
9. Technicians (plus related support) - 26.6 percent
10. Precision production and plant operators - 26.1 percent
11. Sales - 25.4 percent
12. Management-related - 25.1 percent
13. Executive, administrative and managerial - 24.4 percent
14. Machine operators, assemblers and inspectors - 23.9 percent
15. Registered nurses - 22.6 percent
16. Farming, forestry, and fishing - 22.3 percent
17. Teachers (not including postsecondary education) - 21.8 percent
18. Helpers, equipment cleaners, and laborers - 21.9 percent
19. Math and computer scientists - 21.8 percent
20. Lawyers and judges - 21.7 percent
21. Engineers, architects, and surveyors - 20.2 percent
22. Food preparation and service - 20.1 percent
23. Construction - 19.9 percent
24. Other professional specialties - 19.7 percent
25. Health assessment and treating (not including registered nurses) - 18.2 percent
26. Postsecondary teachers -17.6 percent
27. Natural and social scientists - 17.3 percent
28. Health-diagnosing occupations - 11.6 percent

Okay, so let's be honest here -- the whole truck drivers being around 38.6 percent obese thing isn't exactly surprising. What else do you expect these drivers to do for hours on end aside from eat mindlessly and listen to one-too-many rock albums?

But you know what is surprising? That registered nurses fall in the middle of the pack, while "health-diagnosing" occupations are the least obese. One would think that if you're checking up on people's health all day long -- you'd have some better ideas about what your health should be.

Regardless of your profession, you don't have to let your day-to-day job define your health. Sure, it may be natural to reach for snacks if you're in some sort of sedentary profession -- but it doesn't have to be like that. Think of the bigger picture and reach out to your friends for support. Reward good behavior and treat yourself occasionally instead of every three hours. It'll make that sugar-free Jell-O pudding taste even sweeter at the end of the day. Scout's honor. 

Where does your job fall in the rankings?


Image via dno1967b/Flickr

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