The 8 Stages of Panic You Suffer Through When Your Doctor Calls (PHOTOS)

TelephoneThere is nothing that induces more anxiety inside of me than getting a call from my doctor. Let's be real: Doctors don't call personally often. When they do, that means they have something to tell you. And 99 percent of the time, that something isn't good.

In a perfect, fabulous world -- we'd all be able to go to the doctor without concern; stepping foot in that office would mean all ailments, weird rashes, funky feeling stomach issues, and the lot would vanish. The harsh reality? They don't. Every single minute someone somewhere is walking in to see a doctor so they can diagnose, test, and check to see what's up.

But that followup phone call. It's the pits. Thus I present you with the 8 stages of freak-out that occur when your doctor calls:


1. An unknown number shows up on your screen:

Caller ID gif

2. You hear your doctor's voice over the phone, and they sound cheery: legally blonde GIF

3. You realize that they may not have something good to tell you:


4. But they won't stop rambling about how much they liked the skirt you wore the last time you came in:

impatient waiting

5. The doctor gets to the point that they have the results of your tests from two weeks ago. Anxiety hits an all-time high.


6. That moment in between when she says that and tells you what they are feels like forever:

anxiety GIF

7. ... and then they tell you you're gonna be just fine.

happy gif

8. You're now allowed to breathe and perhaps chug some wine post-ridiculous anxiety overload.


Do you nearly pass out when your doctor calls you?


Image via Tim G. Photography/Flickr, Tumblr

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