7 Life-Changing Books That Should Be on Your 'Must-Read' List

Inspiring_booksI don't know one person who doesn't wish that they had more time to curl up with a good book, away from the hectic everyday. Granted, there's a lot of enjoyment in a good romance novel or something a bit steamy (ahem, Fifty Shades of Grey) -- but every once in a while when you stumble upon a book that really resonates with you, it's magical. A book that really makes you think, evaluate, question, and has an impact -- it's worth more than its $9.95 sticker price.

We asked some of our Stir community -- what books have you read that have changed your life? And their answers, well, they may surprise you.

Check out of fabulous titles and the way they've changed lives, here:


What book has changed your life?


Image via Catherine MacBride/Corbis