Shape Up a Pear Shaped Body

I can totally relate to TrailMamma's Diet & Fitness question this week. She wants to know why she exercises regularly, yet her pear-shaped body stays exactly the same.


Here's the good news: A researcher from the Center for Health and Behavior at Syracuse University found that pear-shaped people tend to have fewer diseases. The bad news is that they tend to hang on tight to their trouble spots.

Personal trainer Tina Juan has some suggestions. She says that you can lift weights to tighten up without getting bulky by "lifting light weights for 15 to 20 repetitions." Tina shared, "I have seen women who were so scared to build bulk in their legs that they would only use one-pound ankle weights. You will not get anywhere with those baby weights. You are wasting your time if you can lift your legs 50 times without even batting an eyelash."

What do you think? Should we start working up a sweat?

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