6 Things Your Poop May Be Trying to Tell You (PHOTOS)

Let's talk about poop, bay-bee. Let's talk about you and number two. Let's talk about all the good things, and the bad things, in your poop. Let's talk about poop! Hey, if Cameron Diaz can talk about poop, so can we. Cameron, who appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to flog her new health book, chugged an entire liter of water on the show to demonstrate how she likes to get her bowels moving in the morning. She said:

This is the best way for me to go poop in the morning. Water wakes you up. First I brush my teeth because I don't want to swallow all the bacteria in my teeth from the night before. So I make sure that's gone and then I ...

She then proceeded to drink the entire liter of water. And now you know why we're gonna practically run out of drinking water by 2030. Thanks, Cameron! But Cam has a good point. Poop really can be a good indicator of your health. Let's check out our crap. Here are 6 things to look for.


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