Sitting Is Now Killing Us Too but at Least We'll Be Comfortable When We Die

There's much that is uncertain in this world, but one thing we can all count on is that every day we are dying. Yes, every single second of every single day, we are getting closer to death. Hey, at least it's something to be certain about. But most of us would like to hang out here as long as possible, which is why we do what we can to avoid sudden death. We eat well, exercise, try not to drink or smoke too much, avoid things like swallowing a box of nails. As it turns out, however, pretty much everything is killing us. Mundane, banal things we normally think of as harmless. The latest? Sitting. Yes, sitting. That thing you're doing right now. That thing I'm doing right now. Sitting is killing you, people!


We've already heard that some of the things that kill us slowly every day include deodorant, plastic water bottles, your iPhone, and air conditioning. We also heard that eggs are apparently as bad for your arteries as smoking is. And of course we know anything that makes life worth living, like sugar and television, is totally killing you.

Now sitting. A new study says that middle-aged post-menopausal women who sit for at least 11 hours a day run a greater risk of heart attack and cancer -- no matter how much they work out. That essentially means if you are still working in your 40s, 50s, and 60s, when menopause hits, and let's face it, most of us will be, then you're screwed. Good as cooked.

I'm one of those people who works out regularly -- but I also sit all day. Unless you have a job that allows you plenty of walking time, or you're a professional athlete or something, most jobs require huge amounts of sitting. I try to get up and walk around regularly, but if I want to get my work done, those are very short walks, and then I'm back being on my ass.

I'd hoped that the workouts I get in later on -- running, aerobics classes, yoga, etc. -- would help me out. But apparently I'm just wasting time! Of course, there are other good reasons to work out -- keeping your weight reasonable, looking good in a bikini, feeling good, etc. But, yeah, I confess that I'd hoped working out would mean I might live just the teensiest bit longer than the person who doesn't.

Life. Ain't it a kick in the pants?

Well, I'm not giving up my AC, my bottled water, or my deodorant, so I guess I won't give up my workouts either. If anything, maybe they will help me kick some mugger's ass.

Do you sit all day?


Image via YellowStoneNPs/Flickr

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