Workout Bloopers Video Puts Insanely Funny Spin on Exercise Gone Wrong (WATCH)

working out all pain no gainAs LMFAO taught us, if you're sexy and you know it, you work out. Obviously. But even the most devoted gym bunnies encounter slip-ups now and then. And I don't mean failing to get their sweat on ... More like falling victim to treadmills gone kablooey, weights that lift them instead of the other way around, or the most common pitfall of all: bad form!

Serving as a cautionary tale against all of the above, this hilarious, viral video entitled "All Pain, No Gain" features well-meaning people getting taken for a wild ride their workout. Check it out ... 


HA! Ladies and gentlemen, that's slapstick at its finest! And they didn't even mean to make us crack up. But no, really, I hate to say it, but the blame in most of these mishaps does fall squarely on the person working out. There are about a gazillion ways you can hurt yourself when working out. And getting a big head, thinking you don't need help from a trainer or someone to show you how to do something correctly -- not to mention effectively -- is one of the biggest offenses. That and haunted treadmills, it seems.

What's the biggest blooper you've ever seen or experienced at the gym?


Image via Matt Williams/YouTube

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