5 Tips for Finding the Right OB/GYN

choosing_right_doctorFinding the perfect doctor can often be a long process. We all want to make sure that we're seeing a doc that makes us feel comfortable, that the office is clean, ideally you're never feeling rushed in and out the door -- the whole nine yards. Dare I say it, the hardest doctor of all to find? The perfect OB/GYN. Come on -- us ladies don't want just anyone poking around down there, amirite? 

Need help finding your dream doctor? Not to worry -- we have 5 easy tips to finding the right OB/GYN for you:


1. Write down what you're looking for: Do you want a man or a woman? Do you want someone who is an MD and not just a nurse practitioner? Do you want to find a physician that's located near your home or office? And are you looking for someone who is in a group of doctors or practices on their own? Figuring out your answers to all of these questions will help guide you in the right direction.

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2. Get referrals: The best way to know if a doctor is a good doctor is by asking around for recommendations. No one of your friends is going to lie to you that they absolutely LOVE their OB/GYN if they don't.

3. Do your research: Even if you have a referral, check out what popular sites like ZocDoc or Yelp say about that specific doctor and their practice before heading in for a checkup. Sure maybe the doctor is great, but the office is located in a bad neighborhood or the office staff is rude. These are things you may not get out of your good friend from work when asking for suggestions.

4. Think future: Do you want to stay with an OB/GYN through a potential pregnancy and have her there when you have your baby? Well, newsflash: Not all OB/GYN's deliver babies! If you're looking for someone for the long haul, make sure to ask that question upfront.

5. Seek out a communicator: A lot of OB/GYN offices these days use some sort of online "patient portal," or a way for patients to reach out to the doctors and office staff and get a speedy response. My gynecologist's office recently did this, and it makes communication easy, speedy, and seemingly effortless. You want to make sure that your ideal OB/GYN is accessible, and open to calls and questions (no matter how random they may be).

How did you choose your OB/GYN? Do you refer him or her to friends?


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