LeAnn Rimes May Be Risking Her Life In Latest Attempt to Get Skinnier

LeAnn Rimes

For years now, we've heard about LeAnn Rimes' struggles with her weight. Earlier in 2013, LeAnn was skin and bones while she denied rumors of anorexia. Then back in July, things seemed bright when LeAnn stepped out looking healthy and fabulous at a benefit in Los Angeles. But it seems her image may have gotten the best of her again with new reports that Rimes has turned to laxatives to lose weight. One tabloid reports that Rimes is so keen on keeping her husband Eddie Cibrian, ex-husband of Brandi Glanville, happy that she wants to stay skinny for him. Apparently LeAnn wants to make sure she always looks better than Glanville.

Yeah. I have my doubts that LeAnn's "intense dieting and pill usage" is legitimate. I will say this though: it's definitely dangerous. The FDA has cautioned users of the potential hazards that come along with many weight loss products for years. Whether it's LeAnn or someone else using these "medications," doing research is a must.


In recent years, the FDA has identified an emerging trend where over-the-counter products, often repped as dietary supplements, contain hidden ingredients that could be super harmful. Shoppers may see these dieting products on store shelves and see their promises of "fast weight loss" and "inches gone in weeks!" The truth? Consumers may have absolutely no clue that they're taking products laced with varying amounts of controlled substances, untested and unstudied ingredients, and approved prescription drug ingredients. In other words? These "meds" can be super dangerous!

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Check out the FDA's entire list of public notifications on tainted weight loss products. Of course, the FDA can't always test every product that hits the market. With that said, if you're going to try a weight loss pill then it's critical to do extra research. Google. Speak to a doctor. Do work on the front end to make sure you're not putting your body in danger by trying to get fit.

The best option? For both LeAnn and the rest of us: spend the time we can living a healthier lifestyle. Hit the gym. Focus on eating healthier. Focus on doing things the natural way and you may feel more fulfilled for it. And most importantly: Don't let anyone make you feel like you're not good enough.

Have you or someone you know taken diet pills? What was your experience like?


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