Squeeze in Diet & Exercise During the Holidays (Part 2)

Fat to FitDo you go off the diet and fitness deep end this time of year? As I posted yesterday, I do. But I'm trying hard to stay on track.

So here is more great advice for squeezing in diet and exercise during the holidays from one of my favorite health and fitness experts, Carole Carson, author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction.

She says to ditch those excuses.


Cafe Kristen: Why do we forget our diet and exercise plans when the holidays come?

Carole Carson: Some of us have "exceptional minds." That is, we make exceptions for ourselves during the holidays that we would never accept at other times of the year. Some of the more notorious ones are these:

  • "Food eaten standing up (especially at parties) doesn't count."
  • "Calories in alcoholic drinks aren't going to make that much difference in my weight."
  • "Surely I can indulge myself just this once (and then again and again)."
  • "I've been so conscientious about exercising that I can take a few weeks off without losing the exercise habit."

The lack of regular exercise combined with overindulgence in food oralcohol can make us feel sluggish. And when we're feeling tired and out of sorts, we tend to indulge ourselves even more. That's why exceptions must be granted sparingly. Adopting a "no matter what, I am going to eat carefully and exercise regularly during the
holidays" mind-set is a more constructive approach.

CK: How do holiday worries and stress affect our health?
CC: Some of us experience additional stress during the holidays over things like:

    * How much money should you spend?
    * Are you obligated to see relatives that you would rather avoid?
    * What presents can you find that will fit within your budget for the list of names that seems to grow longer each day?
    * Should you enjoy the holiday at home or spend money traveling?

The additional stress and the accompanying fatigue can make us use dysfunctional ways to comfort ourselves, such as eating and drinking too much.

Make a list of healthful ways to comfort yourself that won't add pounds or make your problems even worse. Try taking a walk, watching a favorite show or going to bed a few minutes earlier because you're extra tired.

If you need holiday tips and ideas, ask CafeMoms in the group called Christmas.

Okay, I'm going for a long walk today, no excuses. Will you squeeze in exercise over the holidays?

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