Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Colds & Flu in Under 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

does being cold make you sick asapscienceFrom being sure to wear a hat to not going outside with wet hair, my mom doled out her fair share of "old wives' tales" about keeping colds and flus at bay while I was growing up. I'm still a bit brainwashed, I'd say. But just how much of all of that old-school wisdom is legit? 

It's a valid question nifty YouTube channel AsapScience covered in their recent video entitled, "Does Being Cold Make You Sick?" And as it turns out, there's actually some scientific proof that winter temps can trigger illness. (I know, you're looking at your local weather report stating tomorrow's high will be -10 and thinking, "Grrrreat."

Here, everything you've ever wanted to know about catching a cold summarized in less than 3 minutes ...


Well, no wonder we're passing around colds and flus like whoa this winter especially! The temps out there have been ridiculous! I always suspected that being cold had to contribute to getting sick ... That we couldn't only chalk it up to being around more people more of the time indoors during the winter months. Although that's obviously still a risk factor. But good to know that we're not crazy to think freezing temps and suffering "temperature-induced stress" (ugh!) are causes, too!

Was there ever a time you're pretty sure you got a cold from being cold?


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