'Smash the Scale' Wants Women to Make a New Kind of Weight Loss Resolution

smash the scale campaignHere we go again ... It's New Year's resolution time! Now that the barrage of holiday candy, cookies, and everything else fattening and sweet has come and gone, we're being hit over the head with diet and gym commercials, expected to get back on task and lose weight! And while fitness can be a completely fair goal for the new year, it isn't necessarily something you can measure in pounds ... 

In fact, some women are using the New Year to strike out against the scale. Lead by Jes Baker, who blogs at The Militant Baker and is organizing the 2014 Body Love Conference, the "Smash The Scale" campaign asks us to make a different kind of resolution: To "separate our value as a human from the number on a scale." AMEN!


Having had a dysfunctional relationship with scales my entire life and finally realizing on the cusp of 30 that it was time to let it go, I couldn't adore Baker's goal more. Because I believe that my own personal fitness does not accurately correspond to a number on a scale. Because that number has never done anything but toy with my self-esteem. Because I've made leaps and bounds with my inner and outer wellness by simply using my physical fitness (ability to run and lift and spin!) and how my clothes fit and how I look to myself and feel when I look in the mirror or naked as a guide.

And this has nothing to do with embracing or glorifying being un-fit. Fixating on the scale can be just as unhealthy as eating junk food or leading a 100 percent sedentary lifestyle. As Jes writes, her campaign "isn't about being unhealthy. It's about deciding what your definition of beauty is and knowing that it is enough." She explains, "I'm Smashing the Scale because I'm making a promise to myself that I will love my body and take care of it."

SO awesome!

I love that Jes is making this conversation happen. It's one we really need to be having as we're being bombarded with talk of cleanses and dangerous, calorie-restricted diets and post-baby bodies that really can be attributed to going under the knife. With hope, many of us will join her in resolving not to live and die by a heap of metal and a number we've for too long placed too much stock in. Because ultimately, it's one of the healthiest things we can do.

What do you think about the Smash the Scale campaign? How do you feel about using your scale to measure your wellness ... or self-worth?


Image via Danni Valdez/BodyLoveConference

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