Skip Your 'Lose Weight' Resolution for These 5 Better Ones

new year's resolutionsI made a vow to myself this year not to make New Year's resolutions that I couldn't keep. Year after year, how many of us pledge to "lose weight" and "save money" and all of those ever-so-common notions that no one ever sticks to? Right, everyone. That's why your gym is mobbed, the yummy stuff you love from the grocery store is out of stock, and Nike is sold out of the new Frees you've been wanting for weeks.

So I say it's time to be realistic. Since it's only January 2, I'm going to give you the go-ahead to make some resolutions you can keep. You know, ones that don't necessarily require you to head to the gym with the zillion other resolutioners. Goals that could drastically affect your health for the better if you stick to 'em. Check out these 5 healthy resolutions you need to make for 2014:


1. Walk more: Granted, I live in a city where walking is pretty much the easiest way to get around (and required even if you want to GET to public transportation). With that said, though, we can all do it more. Whether it's not prowling the parking lot for the closest spot to the grocery store or choosing to actually GO shop around the mall instead of doing it from the couch. Small changes. But changes that get you walking around.

2. Keep up with doctor's appointments: The dentist. A physical. The gynecologist. The podiatrist. It's hard to keep 'em all straight, but it's important to. Prior to my appointment next Thursday, I hadn't been to a dentist in almost two years. There's no excuse, so it's time to stop making them.

3. Take your birth control at the same time: Granted, not everyone is taking some sort of birth control pill. With that said, though, you're risking messing with the pill's effectiveness if you're not taking it at the same time. Not. Worth. It.

4. Swap your old, worn gear for new threads: New year, new clothes. Sure, you could make a resolution to go to the gym five times/week, but then you'll be mad at yourself if you don't keep that promise. Instead, trade in some of those old college T-shirts for some new workout wear that you want to be seen in. This way, you may have a little extra motivation to head to that Pilates class.

5. Buy frozen yogurt at the grocery store: I know. You're thinking I'm kidding. If there's anything I know, it's that 99 percent of females I'm friends with spend too much money at those self-serve fro-yo places. Instead of going to spend $8 on one dessert that is loaded with toppings and could serve three people, get a pint of low-calorie yogurt at the store. Keep it in your freezer, save money, and choose moderation over gluttony.

Have you made any realistic resolutions for 2014?

Image via Emily Abbate

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