5 Popular Health Trends We Hope Don't Come Back in 2014

Tough MudderIf I had a nickel for every person I knew who is planning on starting a diet come January 1, I'd be totally rich. Not to sound like a Debbie downer because I'm right there with 'em, but it's just so common these days. Whatever happened to the other resolutions? You know, the "I want to floss more often" or "I pledge to not take shots at the bar" kind of things?

Regardless, it's safe to say that healthy resolutions are probably the most common, so if you're going to make one, you better make 'em count. 2013 was the year of many health and fitness fads, most of which many of us wish never existed. In order to guide you appropriately, check out our list of 5 health and fitness fads that shouldn't continue to 2014:


1. All extreme races: You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race, the Viking Run (or whatever they call it these days). I get it, you're super tough. But tell me how participating in an activity where racers are given an electric shock is a GOOD idea? Looking for a real adrenaline rush? Attempt tackling the crowds of tourists on Fifth Avenue during the Christmas season.

2. Going gluten-free just because: There's no doubting you know someone who has jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon. The second a few celebs swore that going gluten-free has helped them lose weight, the next second everyone and their best friend's aunt's ex-husband are trying out the latest craze. Please, if you don't need to exile gluten from your diet, don't. It makes finding restaurant reservations super hard.

3. Pole dancing: I can't be the only person who thinks that the videos posted to my newsfeed of a friend of mine trying out new pole dancing moves are awkward, right? Sure, it's a fun one-time thing to try with girlfriends, but this pole dancing trend has gotta go.

4. Gas mask training: Yes, gas mask training exists, and man is it creepy. Just last week I saw a man running on the treadmill wearing a massive mask! Last time I checked, we weren't on the verge of an Apocalypse. There's gotta be some other way to "strengthen your lungs" without battening down the hatches circa World War II.

5. Juicing: A juice every once in a while, sure -- go balls crazy. But why on earth has juicing gotten to be this "cool" trend? Why on earth do women and men everywhere subject themselves to five-day cleanses just so they can get Instagram likes? See a nutritionist, talk about eating clean and healthy, then let me know if you'd rather juice instead. I have a hunch that having food as an option will always prevail.

What fitness trends annoy the hell outta you?


Image via The 621st Contingency Response Wing/Flickr

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