6 Autocorrects That Actually Make Weight Gain Sound Hilarious (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Dec 26, 2013 Healthy Living

weight loss

When you're feeling like junk about putting a few extra pounds on during the winter season, there's nothing funny about it. Sure, there were probably a whole lot of laughs while you inhaled Christmas cookies and that third slice of Grandma's apple pie. But no one's chuckling up a storm when they have to get up the three extra hours before work to head to the gym.

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You know what is funny, though? Hello, Autocorrect. Whether or not you want to admit that you've gained a few pounds over the holidays (because hello, who hasn't?), you'll surely find some entertainment in these weight loss-themed autocorrects. Because, heck, it's easier to talk about dropping weight during the holidays than actually do it.

Here are 6 hilarious weight loss-themed autocorrects:

Do you have any hilarious workout stories of your own to share?

Images via damnyouautocorrect.com

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