Silly Makeovers Help Cancer Patients Forget Their Pain (VIDEO)

“You know what I miss the most? Being carefree.”

That’s how one woman diagnosed with cancer two years ago feels. She was one of 20 participates to take part in this amazing project called If Only for a Second, in which cancer patients were invited to a studio to have their hair and makeup done.


The stylists asked the patients to keep their eyes completely closed while they made them up. They were placed in front of one of those mirrors that you can see through from the other side, where a photographer was waiting to capture their expressions as they saw themselves.

The goal: Immortalize a second of carefreeness.

I think it worked.

At first I found myself wishing that the participants had been made up to be more “beautiful” than “theatrical,” but I think that might have missed the point.

I love the looks of shock and joy on their faces, and you can just tell they’re thinking, “I look so weird and different and wacky and WONDERFUL!” It really is just a moment of pure silliness and joy.

Did you like the way they were made up?

Image via Mimi Foundation/YouTube

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