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8 Exercise Autocorrects That Show How Funny Workouts Can Be (PHOTOS)

AutocorrectWhen it comes to working out, it's easy to turn your sweat session into a full-on laugh fest. Between tripping on the treadmill and having no clue how to use the free weights -- I'm sure that 99 percent of the time, I look like an absolute buffoon just trying to stay in shape.

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But what's funnier than workout blunders? Hello, Autocorrect. Whether or not you had an embarrassing morning trying to work off last night's dinner, you'll surely find some entertainment in these workout-themed autocorrects. Because, heck, it's easier to talk about working out during the holidays than actually doing it.

Here are 8 hilarious fitness-themed autocorrect fails:

Do you have any hilarious workout stories of your own to share?

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3Angry, Are We?

I mean, I have friends that complain about their "girls" hurting after a big workout too, but this is extreme ...



I'm SURE a whole lot of men would line up if she went for a casual run, sans bra.

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