Katy Perry Has John Mayer to Thank for Looking So Hot

katy perry john mayerWith the release of their lovey-dovey portraits and new "Who You Love" music video, Katy Perry and John Mayer aren't hiding their love away anymore. And now, their fitness secrets are on full display, too, thanks to their personal trainer Harley Pasternak's recent interview with Life & Style. The trainer to the stars dished all about what he has the dueting lovebirds doing to stay fit when they're on the road, promising that it's so easy, we too can do it at home. Ha. Sure, all too often, it's tiring just to hear about what celebs do to stay in shape, but Pasternak's plan is actually pretty accessible ...

As far as fitness goes, Pasternak told Katy and John that simply walking up a flight of stairs for as little as 20 minutes is really effective, calorie-torching cardio. See, that sounds easy enough! 

But then it gets a little more complicated ...


... in that he recommended a “multiple variation training plan,” which is what Katy and John use to work on different parts of the body while changing the resistance, number of reps, and angles. The program's based on the scientific principle that if you want to your body to keep changing, you need to keep changing up your workout. Makes sense.

As for Katy and John's diet, he recommends a lot of lean protein (egg white omelet, Greek yogurt, salad with smoked salmon), good fats (avocado), and of course plenty of greens. Pretty smart and straightforward, nothing too wacky there.

And as for what Pasternak sees as the biggest advantage the famous singers have? One another! He says working out as a couple is "for the most part ... a very positive experience." Though I would say it's not necessarily for every couple, getting active together -- or at least involving your partner in your wellness efforts in some capacity -- is a win-win. Sounds like Katy and John are on the right track ... in more ways than one!

What do you do with your partner to stay in shape?


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