Inspiring Woman Drops 110 Pounds So She Can Join the Military (VIDEO)

karynaNo matter how you slice it, losing weight is never a walk in the park. Shedding pounds requires changing up so many things about your normal routine. But you know what helps? An overarching goal. For Karyna Douglass, who used to weigh 300 pounds at 22 years old, that goal was to join the military. After a call with a Navy recruiter made her realize that joining the service wouldn't be possible without getting her rear into gear, Douglass started a workout program and cut out fast food, fried food, and soda from her diet. She limited her candy intake and mixed up her diet from week to week, one week avoiding meat, another avoiding carbs.

And after a year and three months, Douglass had lost 110 pounds. After a year and three months, Douglass was sworn into the Army.


It's a beautiful story with a great message: if you work your butt off and dedicate yourself to something you really want, then it can and will be yours. And what I love almost more than her inspiring story is her hilarious advice to others who are trying to get in shape: lie to yourself.

You love this feeling. You love being tired. You love being sore. Because in the end, you will.

Ha! And you know what? She's got a point. Because telling yourself that you can't work out, that you can't avoid carbs, that you can't skip the whipped cream on that morning latte -- those are excuses that if you use 'em enough, you'll start believing. The best thing we can all do is believe in the madness.

There's no doubt about it: The Army is lucky to have such a dedicated soldier in Karyna, and we're all lucky to have women like Karyna serving our country.

Watch more of Karyna's inspirational story, here:

Have you ever had a major motivating factor that led you to lose weight?


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